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With over 35 years experience in all aspects of the handmade and decorative carpet business,  Robert Fritz Oriental Rugs offers our clients the opportunity to receive unbiased individual assistance and service at prices based on dealer wholesale – not typical retail.

No single source has ever offered such a wide selection of quality new and antique handmade carpets from our comprehensive network of over 150 wholesalers and importers.  All imaginable styles of new handmade rugs including transitional, traditional, contemporary, etc. are available to choose from in sizes that are just right for each customer’s personal tastes and preferences.

For connoisseurs and collectors, we have in stock hundreds of unique and beautiful antique rugs and tribal textiles.  The variety, age, condition and affordability of our collection make it one of the best anywhere.  Unlike a museum, our antique rugs are available to purchase.  Also, learning about classical antique carpets helps the buyer appreciate and understand the beauty and quality of new handmade carpets.

Use our gallery of styles and direct wholesaler website links to preview and appreciate the many different styles, designs, colors, and weave types all available to create your individual décor and unique home setting.


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(919) 932-3200

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Email: bob@rforugs.com


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