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This gallery features over 250 different styles and designs of handmade oriental and decorative rugs, grouped by their respective style category.  Each rug is described by its type or design, country of origin, and wholesale importer.  Our customers are encouraged to review the many different styles and designs to familiarize themselves with many choices available to suit the individual preferences and architecture/decor of your  home.  Within each of these categories, many more similar options are available as well. 

The purpose of this gallery is to help you refine your search for the best rug(s) to complement your unique design, style, and budget.  You can even search for more designs by visiting the websites of our suppliers using the convenient links to their sites.  After contacting us, we will then assist you to choose the best possible rug(s) for your trial purchase, all based on the importer's wholesale price. 

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